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Titre: Canton de Sierentz - Haut-Rhin
Image du patrimoine
Inventaire Général des Monuments et de Richesses Artistiques de la France

Language: french

Authors: Gilbert Poinsot, Alain Hauss, Roger Lehni, Olivia Lind, Michèle Schneider-Bardout
Photos: Jean Erfurth, Bernard Couturier

Number of pages: 80

Editor: Editions du signe

ISBN: 2-87718-368-8

Price: 21,50€

Description: the County of Sierentz does not include any town or major building. It does not have an individual character, but is typical of a wider region, with especially strong identity, the Sundgau. Even if the Middle Ages did not leave many works, these are remarkable. Since the end of 16th century developed a rich and diverse religious art, sometimes primitive, often sumptuous, through creations of local and foreign craftmen, especially from near Switzerland. This multiplicity of works deploys itself in between a very picturesque architecture.


Titre: Le Pays de Sierentz - Mémoire en Images
(Sierentz County - Memory in Pictures)

Authors: Claude et Paul-Bernard Munch

Language: french

Number of pages: 128

Editor: Alan Sutton   21 avenue de la République F-37300 Joue-Les-Tours

ISBN: 2-84252-121-3

Price: 16,80€

Description: Based on 230 postal cards and ancient photographs, Claude and Paul-Bernard Munch offer an excusion in the daily life of the villages of Sierentz County.
Schoolboys and conscripts of the twenties, inaugurations of flags or church bells, scenes related to crafts or trading reappear, not without nostalgia, days of our parents and grand-parents.
Memories for the older, discoveries for the young, no doubt that all will get great pleasure to plunge into that life from another time.


Titre: Sierentz / Landser - Un Canton par ses Cartes Postales   1898-1948
(Sierentz / Landser - A County through his postal cards 1898-1948)

Authors: Claude and Paul-Bernard Munch

Language: french

Number of pages: 144

Description: First of all, this work endeavours to be a picture book through streets and lanes of the villages of our county, from the last years of the past century till the middle of the present one.
From a retiring past, alone in the memories of the ancients, these photographs show the aspect of our urban landscapes as our grandparents and great-grandparents knowed them.
The cards represented in this memory-album have been selected amongst more than 500, mainly because of their focus on the past of our soil.
Some 350 more cards from that collection will be selected in a second volume mainly concentrated on festivals and other popular events of the villages.
About 10 pages have been reserved for the presentation of philatelic pieces linked to the cards posted by our ancients.


Titre: Bartenheim / Brinckheim - Entre Rhin et Jura
(Bartenheim / Brinckheim - Between Rhine and Jura)

Authors: Gabriel Arnold, Paul-Bernard Munch, Jacques Ginther, Sylviane Liégeon, Gérard Kielwasser
Photos: Eugène Groellin

Language: french

Number of pages: 406

Editor: Société d'Histoire de Bartenheim et Environs


Description: The History Society for Bartenheim and Surroundings (SHBE) proposes to be your guide through the centuries which have seen the borough of Bartenheim grow. From an humble hamlet in 829, it changed to an impressive locality of more than 2500 inhabitants at the break of th 21th century. It also will take you through the steps of the neighbour little locality of Brinckheim, quoted sice the 12th century.
So the present book will lead you through more than 1200 years of history to recall the evolution of these two villages.


Titre: Les maisons d'Alsace
(Houses of Alsace)

Language: french

Authors: Thierry Fischer and Christian Fuchs
Respectively historian and technician of traditional architecture, Thierry Fischer and Christian Fuchs associated their pratical experience in many operations for restoration and safeguard of Alsacian houses. They were both, with Marc Grodwohl, at the origin of the Ecomusée d'Alsace.

Number of pages: 144

Editor: Editions Eyrolles : Collection "House Book"

Price: 30,40€ (+ 6€ sending costs for France) to order at the
Boutique de l'Ecomusée d'Alsace
Chemin du Grosswald - BP 71
F-68190 Ungersheim
Tél : +33 (0)389 74 44 58 / Fax: +33 (0) 389 74 44 47

Description: From Wissemburg to Sundgau, from the Rhine plain to the valleys of the Vosges Mountains, from the lanes of the vineyards to the sides of the river Ill, the traditional houses from Alsace are the witness of rich and dense architectural heritage and of an opulent art de vivre. The Ecomusée of Alsace, near Mulhouse, with more than 50 rebuilt houses and more than 400 000 visitors a year, is the living and present reflection of it.
In this book, suberbly illustrated by color photos and technical drawings, the authors lead you, one soil after the other, through all the aspects of the traditional alsacian house and give many tips for restoring or rebuilding in full respect of this interesting architecture.


  • Préface from Marc Grodwohl, Ecomusée d'Alsace
  • Houses and Soils of Alsace
    The roots of soil - Counties and Alsacian soils - From towns and villages - The traditional Alsacian farm - The elements of the house - The frame-works, the roofs - Doors and windows
  • External decoration and finishings
  • Restoring Alsacian houses
    The houses analysis - The steps of the restoration - What you can do yourself - Choosing the right craftmen - Choosing the right material - Practice and techniques of restoation - Gardens, courtyards and fences.
  • Tips and financing

    Titre: Moulins du Sundgau - Volume 1 - Le Bassin du Rhin
    (Mills of Sundgau - Volume 1 - The Rhine Basin)

    Author: Paul-Bernard Munch

    Language: french

    Editor: Société d'Histoire du Sundgau
    Published: April 1999
    208 Pages - 150 color photos, format 17 sur 23, square back
    Price: 14€ (plus 4€ sending costs)


    • Préface: Henri Jenny - miller in Hésingue
    • Introduction: Gabrielle Claerr-Stamm - Président of the Société d'Histoire du Sundgau (Sundgau History Society)
    • The Rhine
    • Présentation of the Rhine Basin
    • On the Rhine
    • The Mühlbach
    • The Augraben
    • On an ancient arm of the Rhine
    • The direct affluents of the Rhine
      • The Lucelle
      • The Birsig
      • The Neuwillerbach
    • The affluents of the Denschengraben
      • The Lertzbach
      • The Altenbach
      • The Liesbach
    • The Altebach Basin
      • The Altebach
      • The Tuichgraben
      • The Kraybach
    • The Mühlgraben Basin
      • The Mühlgraben
      • The Rietbach
    • The Sauruntz Basin
      • The Sauruntz
      • The Mühlbach
      • The Moosbach
    • The Mühlbach versant basin
      • The Mühlbach
      • The Ochsenmühlgraben
      • The Ibenbach or Nachtriedgraben
    • The Mühlenbach
    • Glossary
    • Liste of abbreviations
    • Index of communes

    Title: 39/40 dans le Sundgau - La ligne Maginot - La casemate d'Uffheim - Les troupes de forteresse
    (39/40 in the Sundgau - The Maginot Line - The casemate in Uffheim - The fortress troups)

    Author: Jean-Bernard Wahl

    Language: french

    Editor: Société d'Histoire de la Hochkirch (SHH)
    (History Society of the Hochkirch)
    Published: August 1995 - ISSN: 0763-1855 - 96 pages - 81 photos NB - 7 maps and drawings
    Format: A4


    • Presentation
      The forgotten soldiers from 1940
      A concrete heritage
    • The Maginot Line: why?
    • The "Line" in construction
    • The Maginot Line in the Sundgau
    • The concrete soldiers
    • Fortifications in the Sundgau
      • The artillery casemates
      • The infantery casemates
      • Little works
    • The resistance center of Sierentz-Uffheim
    • The casemate 86 "Aeschenbach" of Ufheim
      Follow the guide:
      • The entries
      • The shooting chambers
      • The bomb-proof bell
      • The lower floor
      • The ventilation
      • The concrete
      • The arming
      • The obstacles
      • The artillery support
      • The weak points
      • The crew
      • The battle formation
    • Les events of 1939-1949 in the Sundgau
    • The after-war
    • The restoration works of the SHH
    • Sources- Documentation - Bibliography
    • Thanks

    See: The Uffheim casemate today on the Uffheim page, with visiting hours

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